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Nestled in between luscious green fields, rocky landscape and beautiful snow capped mountains, exciting adventures are on the doorstep of the camp !

Kok-Sai, the area around the farm, impresses with green hills and high moutains. There is something for every taste here in Jaichy. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, a family with children or teenagers, or even a group of friends, you can choose from a bunch of activities that suit your desires.

Due to the location of the camp, stunning hikes are immediately accessibles. If you are a keen hiker, simply go with the wind. But horseback riding and jeeps tours are also available for a more relaxed approach. Make sure you don’t miss the glacier overlooking the camp, neither the salt lake, where you can experience floating on water ! 

Kyrgyzstan has some very uniques traditions, and a wide variety of activities can be arranged at your convenience. It’s the right moment to see for yourself an eagle show or any popular horse game. You can also plan your visit at Jaichy during one of the festival held each summer. 

Just get in touch to organize your tailor-made activities.

Horse riding through the highlands

Half-day, full day or multiple days trek
Beginners & experienced horseriders are welcome
English speaking guide available
Packed lunch on demand

Our recommandation : full day ride to the glacier

Prices indication (subject to change)
Horse (/pax /day) : 800 soms
Guide (with horse per day) : 3000 soms
Packed lunch (/pax /day) : 350 soms
Season : May to September

Hiking in the nature reserve of Bayboosun

Half-day, full day or 2 days trek in the middle of preserved mountains : hike to the glacier, enjoy the stunning waterfall, find rare medical herbs and learn about wild animals like snowleopards, mountain goats…
Beginners & experienced hikers are welcome
Local guide available
Packed lunch on demand

Our recommandation : take your camera and shoot the greatest outdoor pictures of your trip.

Get a chance to see an snowleopard

About 30 snowleopards are currently living in the Baiboosun nature reserve. They are rare and very discreet animals.

But if you’re keen on animal photography and want a chance to see a snowleopard, stay with us for a week. We’ll set up expeditions at night to optimize your chances. Contact us for more info & prices.

Our recommandation : this might be your only chance to see a snowleopard in its environment.

Explore all the tracks with 4-wheels jeep

 Half-day or full day


Up to 4 persons per car
English speaking guide available
Packed lunch on demand


Our recommandation : go up to the glacier and waterfall

Prices indication (subject to change)
4-wheels with driver (/day) : 3000 soms
Packed lunch (/pax /day) : 350 soms
Season : May to September




Go for a swim in the most beautiful lakes

Half-day or full day
Swim in the well-know Issyk-Kul lake and enjoy the beach
Experience floating on water in the Salt lake
Packed lunch on demand

Our recommandation : enjoy both of the lakes

Prices indication (subject to change)
Return transportation by car to the camp : 3000 soms
Season : May to September

horse team jaichy camp

Have fun watching Kyrgyz horse games

Horses have always been part of Kyrgyz culture. Make the most of your stay at Jaichy and watch one of the numerous games.
The most famous is probably “Kok-Boru“, a traditional game played by two teams on horseback, where players try to manoeuvre with a goat’s carcass and score by putting it into the opponents’ goal.
Others games like “Tyin Enmei” (picking up coins on the ground), “Kyz Kuumai” (a boy on horseback must catch a girl and kiss her) and “Kuresh” (wrestling on horseback) are also very impressive !

Our recommandation : organize a game to your convenience or take part to one of the festival held each summer

Price indication:

One show: 17000 soms ( for one group)