Taste the delicious Kyrgyz cuisine

enjoy fresh and homemade food

Kyrgyzstan is more well known for its beautiful nature than for the national cuisine. But don’t miss the unique opportunity to taste delicious national dishes. Why not make the most of your stay and learn how to cook them ?

Whether you want to taste Kyrgyz national cuisine or enrol to a cooking masterclass, Jaichy Camp is the best place on the South shore of Issyk-Kul lake.

All dishes are made out of pure natural ingredients, from the garden and the farm. Nearly everything is fresh and homemade : have a sit and enjoy one of the best meals of your stay in Kyrgyzstan.

As the tradition of hospitality is very strong, you will probably be invited to share national drinks with the family : give a try to the famous “Kymyz”, “Saamal” or “Jarma”. And if you don’t know what it is, you are definitely at the best place to discover this part of Kyrgyz culture.

From demonstrations combided to practical classes, the cooking masterclass aims to introduce Kyrgyz cuisine to food enthusiasts. Enrol today to learn specific culinary techniques in a relaxed and convivial setting.

Taste national Kyrgyz food at lunch and dinner
Share a meal with a Kyrgyz family, for lunch and/or for dinner. You will be served fresh and homemade food, in the pure Kyrgyz tradition. Jaichy is the perfect place to try well known Kyrgyz dishes, such as Tash Kordo, Oromo, Plov, Lagman and give yourself a treat with Borsocks and dried fruits.

Prices indication (subject to change)
Lunch (/pax) : 400 soms (vegetarians welcome)
Dinner (/pax) : 400 soms (vegetarians welcome)
Season : May to September

Enrol to the cooking masterclass

Once you have tasted fresh and homemade Kyrgyz food, you can learn how to cook them. You will use fresh ingredients from the garden and the farm. The family will share with you all their cooking secrets.

Classes will be held on your convenience. Choose between a bunch of dishes, such as Tash Kordo, Oromo, Lagman, Kyrgyz bread, Borsok… After all that work, you deserve the right to savour your dish in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Prices indication (subject to change)
Per class : 2000 soms : (vegetarians welcome)
Maximum of 10 people per class
Time and schedule : on your convenience
Season : May to September

The famous dish tash kordo

You probably heard about the national dish “Tash Kordo”, one of the most ancient and traditionnal food from Kyrgyzstan.

Tash Kordo tells the story of nomads hunting and cooking their fresh kill in a stone pitwith fire, before bringing it back home. By its name itself (“tash” means “stone” and “kordo” means “smoke”), this dishes recalls the ancient time in Kyrgyztan.

Today the dish has been revived by Baatyrbek, the head of the family. He experimented many recipes, but found that nothing was better than the original combination of meat, salt and fire – just as his ancestors were cooking.

The process takes two days. The first day is marinating the meat and heating the fire oven. The second, the meat cooks in the smoldering heat of the rocks around it. It is finally served with fried potatoes and sliced onions, accompagned by a vegetable soup and a fresh salad.


All you need to know about

Kyrgyz food and national cuisine

Due to its origins, Kyrgyz cuisine is hearty and filling, with rich flavors designed to fill you up and keep you warm for a long day in the mountains. In order to help you with this delicious cuisine, here are the main dishes you can find all around the country.

Tash Kordo : marinated mutton meat slowly cooked in a fire wood oven, served with fried potatoes. It’s the national dish, and a must-try for lunch (or dinner) here at Jaichy.

Beshbarmak : meat boiled in its own broth for several hours and served over homemade noodles sprinkled with parsley.It means “five fingers”, and is traditionnaly eaten without cutlery.

Plov (or paloo) : pieces of meat (generally mutton or beef, but sometimes chicken) fried in a large cauldron and mixed with fried shredded carrots, garlic and cooked rice.

Oromo : handmade dough filled finely cut chunks of vegetables (carrots, cabbage, potatoes, pumkin…) and meat. Cooked in a special pan, it’s a must-try !

Shashlik : skewered chunks of mutton grilled over smoking coals that come with raw sliced onions. The meat is usually marinated for hours before cooking.

Manty : steamed small dumplings filled with ground meat and onions

Samsa : are little pockets with meat and vegetables wrapped in flaky pastry or bread, very similar to Indian samosas. They can be bought in most bazaars.

Lagman (or laghman) : very popular noodle dish. It consists of thick noodles created by stretching a very simple flour dough, then covered in chopped peppers and other vegetables and served in a spicy vinegary sauce. It’s one of the favorite option for cooking masterclasses here at Jaichy.

Kuurdak : one plate hearty Kyrgyz dish, made of fried marinated meat, onions, and potatoes.

Shorpo (or sorpo) : meat soup, that will warm you up quickly on a cold day.

Ashlyam Fu : cold, spicy soup made up of meat, vegetables and noodles.

Borsok : small pieces of dough, cut into little squares and then fried so that they’re airy inside. It is a staple food served during holidays, and a special treat for you, especially with homemade jam.

Kymyz : most well-known Kyrgyz beverage among travelers, and very popular among locals. This slightly alcoholic drink is made by fermenting mare’s milk and is considered to be the signature drink of Euroasian nomadic culture. You might love it or hate it, but give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Jarma : non-alcoholic slightly fizzy drink derived from ground cereals.

 Enrol to a cooking masterclass to learn all the secrets and recipes of Kyrkyz national cuisine.
Simply get in touch to schedule the class. The type of food is at your own convenience (and we can adapt to vegetarians).