the authentic experience

an unique stay in kyrgyz yurts

Take part to the ancient Kyrgyz nomadic culture, and stay in a yurt.

Yurts are definitely a symbol of Kyrgyzstan, as the most ancient way of nomad living. At Jaichy, you will have your own yurt, for a perfect night in the middle of nature in a peaceful valley.

The camp is equipped with all the modern comfort : hot showers, western toilets, free wifi, and even a sauna ! The yurts, made of sheep wool, are big enough for couples and families. You will also be served a traditionnal breakfast (included with the night), a taste of Kyrgyz hospitality. Don’t hesitate to extend your stay to enjoy all the activites around.

Prices per person :
A night in a private yurt, including breakfast : 900 soms (free below 6 years old, -50% under 10 years old)
Luch : 400 soms (vegetarians welcome)
Dinner : 400 soms (vegetarians welcome)

Order lunch/dinner: 500 soms

Camping : 200 soms per tent (breakfast : 250 soms / person)

Facilities :
Hot shower, sauna, free wifi, as much tea as you can drink, western toilets, washing machine, kids’ outdoor play equipment, ethnography museum, historical museum

Languages spoken :
English, Japanese, Russian, Kyrgyz

The legend of jaichy

Every remarquable place has its own history and legend. Want to know more about Jaichy, the local here from the 16th century ?

At the turn of the 16th century lived a man with special abilities handed down from God himself. This man, named Jaichy, had an innae ability to influence the weather, which on one occasion showcased his heroism and saved his people.

Legend as it that Jaichy and his family were attacked by marauding ennemies who stole flocks of their grazing animals on nearby moutains jailoos (pastures). Rather than cower and grant these thieves, Jaichy and local warriors pursued their ennemies to recover their precious flocks. In the chase that ensued, Jaichy used his powers to conjure up strong winds, rains and snow, thereby making the road unpassable to their ennemies. The warriors returned home triumphant, with Jaichy a hero to his people.

Even today, descendants of Jaichy are believed to have retained such powers, and one can find them in jailoos at the base of the Teskey Ala-Too Moutains, which is home of the Jaichy Agro-Ethno Camp.

welcome at the farm

Much more than a yurt camp, Jaichy is also a farm. You are definitely at the right place to discover all their animals.

For decades, Jaichy camp has been a farm. It welcomes tourists from all over the world since 2003, but the family never stopped to take care of their animals.

Make the most of your stay at Jaichy by discovering the daily life of a farmer family in Kyrgyzstan. Yaks, sheeps, horses and cows  will no longer be a mystery for you.

Have a look to the museums, right on the property. It is the unique opportunity to learn about the famous politician Akmatov Tashtanbek, founder of the family. The ethnography museum exhibits traditionnal farming tools, owned by the family in the last centuries.

What to do around ? 

With so many activities in the middle of the nature, why not extending your stay ?

Enjoy your stay at the farm, and follow the family in all their daily tasks with animals. It is also the best place to learn more about Kyrgyz tradtions with the ethnography museum directly at the farm, and about the famous politician Akmatov Tashtanbek, founder of the family. 

Due to the location, stunning hikes are on the doorstep, and main points can also be reached with horses and 4-wheels. The family can arrage eagle show’s and horse games, to your own convenience. Either adventurer or animal enthusiast, there is something here for everyone. Go on a tour, take your camera and shoot impressive pictures.

Food lovers are not to be outdone : book for lunch or dinner to enjoy fresh and homemade typical Kyrgyz meals. Or enrol to a cooking masteclass to learn how to prepare the famous Kyrgyz dishes.