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Numerous festivals are organized each summer all around Kyrgyzstan. If you plan to travel in July or August, it is probably the best opportunity to discover most of the Kyrgyz traditions in one place.

In the collective imagination, Kyrgyztan is probably one of the most mythic countries, thanks to its traditions. Myths, legends and the nomadic way of life that survive nowadays as living history are one of the reason that attracts tourists in Kyrgyztan.

If the Southern shore of Issyk-Kul has not been popular during Soviet time, it is today entering in a new dynamic. It is considered to have a more preserved nature and more authentic places. You are definitely at the right place to immerse yourself in the Kyrgyz traditions.

During Summer, numerous festivals are held in the South Shore of Issyk-Kul lake. Organized by the local yurt camps, they offers an overview of most of the Kyrgyz traditions, such as horse games, Kyrgyz dances, cooking demonstration, eagle hunting show..

Jaichy Camp organizes two festivals right on the camp : Agro-Festival in July and Birds of Prey in August.

Agro Festival at jaichy Camp

Hold for the first time in July 2019, the Agro Festival aims to promote and develop agrotourism. Participants are completely immerged in the daily life of a Kyrgyz farmer family. They are also invited to watch national horse games and to take part to Kyrgyz national game.

Birds of prey Festival at jaichy Camp

 Organized with CBT Bokonbaievo, this festival takes place every year in the beginning of the month (10th of August for 2019) and is a must-see if you are around. Fifteen falconers from around Issyk kul’s compete here with their eagles, hawks and falcons.

During Birds of Prey Festival, you can see demonstration of hunting with a Golden Eagle, traditiona kyrgyz games like Arkan, Tartmay, Zholuk or Tastamay, folklore show, exhibition and sale of handicrafts and souvenirs and of course taste kyrgyz cuisine.

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