Welcome at jaichy

Much more than a yurt camp, Jaichy offers to immerse yourself in the traditionnal lifestyle of a Kyrgyz family in their ecological farm.


Come and experience a night in a yurt, taste the delicious national cuisine, go for exiting aventures, and enjoy a stay in the peaceful silence of Kyrgyz meadows and moutains.

Jaichy Ethno-Agro-Yurt Camp

Since 2003, Jaichy Camp is welcoming tourists from all over the world. Years after years, it has developed to become much more than a simple yurt camp.

The ranch from the family is located in a peaceful valley between impressive high mountains and green hills in the south of Issyk-Kul lake, far from the road. “It immediately feels home” is one of the most common reviews from the guests of the past 15 years.

Drop off your luggages in your very own comfortable yurt and let the magic begin. Choose from a bunch of possible activities (horseback riding, hiking, 4-wheel tour…) or simply relax. Don’t forget to try the delicious cuisine of the family !

Make the most of your stay at Jaichy by discovering the daily life of a farmer family in Kyrgyzstan. Yaks, sheeps, horses and cows  will no longer be a mystery for you.

Have a look to the museums, right on the property. It is the unique opportunity to learn about the famous politician Akmatov Tashtanbek, founder of the family. The ethnography museum exhibits traditionnal farming tools, owned by the family in the last centuries.

Authentic stay in a cosy yurt

The ranch from the family is located in a peaceful valley between impressive high mountains and green hills in the south of Issyk-Kul lake, far from the road.

Reconnect with the nature

Choose from a bunch of activities, or simply relax : there is something for every taste here at Jaichy. Exiting adventures are just on the doorstep of the camp.

Taste the national cuisine

Come over to enjoy fresh and homemade food, with products from the farm. For lunch and/or for dinner, you always be welcome to enjoy Kyrgyz hospitality.

Meet the family

Baatyrbek & dinara

Founders of Jaichy camp

Baatyrbek, son of the former famous farmer and politician Akmatov Tashtanbek, was born at Jaichy, in the farm that has been here for decades. He married Dinara, and they developped Jaichy Camp.

Aisuluu & Doolotbek

Children of the family

Aisuluu and Doolotbek are the last children of the family. In summer, they stayed at Jaichy, helping here and there. 
They love to spend time with the guests, and show them their favorites places.



Elza is Dinara’s sister. She lives in a nearby village, but moves to Jaichy Camp every summer. She knows all the specialities of Central Asia, and she is the one cooking for the guests. 

how to come to jaichy camp ?

The city of Bokonbaevo is the transportation hub of the South shore of Issyk-Kul lake. From Bishkek and Karakol, as well as many other cities in Kyrgyztan, you can find public transport such as marshrutkas and shared taxis.

If you arrived in Bokonbaevo with public transport, you will have to take a private taxi to Jaichy Camp. It takes about 30 minutes and should cost 350 to 400 soms for the whole car. If you are traveling with your own car, a parking is at your disposal for free at Jaichy Camp.

The camp is on Google Maps, but if needed, the GPS coordinates are 42,0962481, 76,7853238.