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Much more than a yurt camp, Jaichy offers to immerse yourself in the traditionnal lifestyle of a Kyrgyz family in their ecological farm.


Come and experience a night in a yurt, taste the delicious national cuisine, go for exiting aventures, and enjoy a stay in the peaceful silence of Kyrgyz meadows and moutains.

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community tourism

Discover nature and wildlife, learn about ancient traditions and support local families businesses while respecting the natural and cultural heritage of Kyrgyztan.

Agro & ethno camp

Come over and stay in a human-size yurt camp, with a farmer family in the pure tradition of Kyrgyz hospitality. Exprience the traditionnal lifestyle of Kyrgyzstan. 

Epic journeys

Challenge yourself and enjoy dramatic scenery of meadows and mountains during a one or mutiple-day horse trek or hike, right on the doorstep of the camp.

A home away from home

Experience authentic Kyrgyz lifestyle : book your stay in a cosy yurt, the ancient way of nomad living.

The ranch from the family is located in a peaceful valley between impressive high mountains and green hills in the south of Issyk-Kul lake, far from the road. “It immediately feels home” is one of the most common reviews from the guests of the past 15 years.

Drop off your luggages in your very own comfortable yurt and let the magic begin. Choose from a bunch of possible activities (horseback riding, hiking, 4-wheel tour…) or simply relax. Don’t forget to try the delicious cuisine of the family !

enjoy the outdoor

Choose from a bunch of activities, or simply relax : there is something for every taste here at Jaichy.

Kok-Sai, the area around the farm, impresses with green hills and high mountains. It is the right moment to reconnect with the nature. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, a family, a group of friends, there are so many things to do around the camp.

You can enjoy the nature of the back of a horse, while hiking or even from a jeep. Make sure you plan to stay enough time to pay a visit to the Salty Lake (a miniature dead sea) and to the impressive glacier overlooking the camp

taste THE national CUISINE

Try the delicious homemade Kyrgyz dishes made out of natural ingredients.

Food has always been a big part of Kyrgyz culture. Come over to enjoy fresh and homemade food, with products from the farm. For lunch and/or for dinner, you always be welcome to enjoy Kyrgyz hospitality. Don’t miss the famous Tash Kordo, revided by the family, using the recipe of their nomads ancestors. 

You can also enrol to a cooking masterclass to learn how to cook those delicious traditionnal dishes. Choose from a variety of dishes (lagman, oromo, tash kordo, Kyrgyz bread, boorsok…) and enjoy your meal with the whole family.

immerse in kyrgyz traditions

Summer is the best period to enjoy the many festivals.

Use those uniques opportunities to see and take part in different Kyrgyz nomadic traditions : horseback games, eagle hunting, traditionnal Kyrgyz dance, cooking demonstrations…

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Jaichy Yurt Camp, Kok-Sai Village, Kyrgyz Republic
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